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August 14, 2012
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Canada X Reader

You were a senior in high school. Christmas break had just started and you and your best friend Matthew Williams were on your way to his house where you would be spending the night. You two were excited for this night because Alfred wasn't going to be around to bother you two for once. "So _____, what are we going to do tonight?" Matthew asked as he unlocked the door to his house. "Maybe watch a scary movie for a change." You suggested, setting your backpack down and sitting on the couch. Matthew sat next to you and smiled. "Sounds good. I'll go get one from Alfred's stash. Make yourself at home."

You had been to his house a million times before, and you stayed the night a bunch of times to. Though for some reason no matter how many times you two were alone you couldn't tell him how you felt. You were in love with your best friend, and had been for a few years now.

Matthew came back holding a disk and smiled. "______ I found one. I hope you like it. I know Alfred does." He sat down next to you and turned on the tv and the movie began. You didn't want to be scared; you were trying to act cool through all the blood and gore. After twenty minuets you screamed and clung to Matthew for dear life. "Mattie keep me safe!" you yelled about to pee yourself from how scared you had been. "_-_____?" He didn't know how to react, so he wrapped his arms around you tightly and kisses the top of your head. "Don't worry _____, I'll protect you…" you melted into his embrace, your head resting on his chest. You could hear his heart beat start to get faster and faster. "_-_____… There is s-something you need to know…" you looked into his eyes, but before you could ask he pressed his lips to yours. You blushed bright red and so did he. Both of your lips moved together perfectly. The both of you had forgotten about the move completely and Matthew grabbed your hand and dragged you up to his bedroom.

"M-Mattie? What are you doing?"

"_____, I love you. I have for so long and I cant hold myself back anymore." He kissed you again and again. "I love you too Matthew." You whispered in his ear before he lost it and took your shirt off.

                         -time skip, one month later-

You and Matthew were a couple now. After that first night together you two were inseparable. Plus you both enjoyed nights of passion just like that one as much as possible. Though something was off. You had noticed you hadn't gotten you 'time of the month' since before…

"Matthew!!!" you screamed from the bathroom of your house. He ran into the bathroom, eyes wide and breathing heavily. "What's wrong?! What happened?! Are you ok _____?!" you were crying as you handed him the pregnancy test and fell on your knees. He stared at the pink plus sign for a few seconds before dropping down and holding you close. "It's going to be ok _____… I love you, and I'm going to stay by you. Just please keep the baby. Please?"

"Mattie… I'm scared… I'm not even out of high school yet and…and…." He rubbed your back and kissed you sweetly. "we have five months of school left… then we are done." You nodded and clung tightly to him. "We can do this _____. Will you tell your parents?"
this is my first X reader story... im hoping to have at least 4 chapters to it. but who knows. please comment whether or not there should be more.

Next: [link]

i do not own hetalia

but if i did it would be awesome.
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